Back on the Podium

Hi everyone,

I’m currently en-route to Australia after a difficult weekend in Malaysia. We had issues with the set up of the bike from the first session and then for the race we had a tropical downpour, which wasn’t exactly ideal. I was considering not racing as I was afraid to fall and injure my ankle again – the result of which could be catastrophic, so I was cautious in the first few laps until I found my rhythm. When the rain started to come down I was feeling really good on the bike and I felt I had the speed to not only catch Jorge but possibly even Dani. Anyway, in the end they red flagged the race – a few laps early in my opinion, but I’m happy to be back on the podium.

I’m looking forward to catching up with some friends in Australia this week, then we will probably head to the Island on Wednesday to prepare for the weekend. I have a lot of family and friends coming for my last outing at the Island in MotoGP so I hope that we can find a good setting early on Friday and that my ankle is feeling a little better. There aren’t so many tight corners in this track, so that should ease the stress on my right leg, but we’ll have to wait and see.

See you next time,


10/22/12 10:45 AM


Taking my time

Hello everyone,

Well, it was a pretty frustrating weekend in general. It was good to be back on the bike but annoying that I was unable to move around and ride it as I would have liked to. After warm up on Sunday morning we had a competitive bike and I felt we could fight for a podium, but early in the race I realised that physically I wasn’t up to the challenge. I’m happy I escaped any further injury but now I must rest in the coming days and try to be as strong as possible for Sepang.

Today I’ve spent the day in Tokyo, I really enjoy visiting the city and tonight I fly to Sepang, arriving early tomorrow morning to meet up with Adriana and Ally and will try to rest and prepare myself for the weekend ahead.

Thank you of all the kind messages of support, I hope to be more competitive this weekend!

See you next time,

10/15/12 10:38 AM

Packing for Motegi

Hello everyone.

Not that much to say since last Wednesday. I had a great time at Bathurst, it’s amazing to see a 1000km race come down to the last corner!

Now I’m back at home and packing for Japan. I arrive on Wednesday and will head straight to the track to see the team and catch up with them all, I’m looking forward to seeing all my crew. Then we’ll have to see how the ankle feels in FP1 on Friday morning…

I’m looking forward to getting to Japan and back on my Honda in front of the home fans!

See you soon,


10/8/12 11:33 AM

Back for Motegi

Hello everyone!

It’s been another quiet week here in Australia, I’ve been resting, having some physio and following doctor’s orders to recover. The good news is that I feel I can race in Motegi and will be rejoining my team next week and I can’t wait to get back on track!

This weekend I’m off to the V8’s at Bathurst, I was lucky enough to go there last year also and it is truly one of the greatest motorsport events of the year, so I’m really happy to be going again this year.

Thanks for all the kind messages on this blog, I look forward to return in Motegi in front of all the Honda home fans!

See you next week!


10/3/12 9:46 AM

Still recovering at home

Hi everyone,

really not any news to report still. I’m just taking it easy and relaxing. It’s pretty frustrating being house bound and not being able to do anything but I’m getting to spend some quality time with Ally which I really appreciate. I’m hoping to return soon so fingers crossed my recovery keeps going according to plan.


9/26/12 9:46 AM

On the mend

Hi everyone,

Not a whole lot to report this week I’m afraid. I had a check up with the doctor last Thursday and he was happy with my recovery but we will know more in a couple of weeks, so no confirmed return date yet but I’m hoping for Japan.

I travelled down to Sandown for the V8’s this past weekend. It was so good to get out and about again and the Triple Eight team did a great job taking 1st and 3rd! Now I’m back home taking it easy and resting waiting to see the doctor again.

I watched the MotoGP race in Misano, it was strange to watch it on TV but I guess it’s good practice for next year for me! I was sorry to see Dani have such issues at the beginning and then taken out. It was really bad luck.

I hope to have more news next week and thanks for all your kind messages.


9/18/12 5:43 PM

Recovering at home in Australia

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog as I’ve been concentrating on resting and getting better. I had the operation 12 days ago now and I’m really pleased with how I feel. Dr Lam and all his team at the Sydney’s North Shore Private Hospital did a great job and made me feel totally relaxed and comfortable. I took the bandages off 5 days after the operation and the incisions are incredibly small and the swelling is gradually reducing day by day. The doctor said to start putting weight on it almost straight after the op so I can keep the movement up for a faster return, but I have to be very careful with it.

Of course Ally has been keeping me occupied around the house, she is a great distraction for me whilst I’m laid up and I’m very thankful for that! It’s nice to be back in Australia around family and friends at a time like this, everybody has been helping us out and it’s been much appreciated.

I have a check up on Thursday but there is still no confirmation of when I’ll be able to return back on track. Like I’ve always said, I’ve got my own goals set for my return, but it just depends on the ankle and the recovery. The frustrating thing is that I feel i could have just kept racing but if I had crashed on it again, the damage could have been huge.

Next weekend we’re going to take a trip to the V8 race in Sandown. It will be nice to get out of the house and catch up with our friends down there, so I’m really looking forward to that.

Hopefully the recovery keeps going to plan and I’ll be back racing as soon as possible!

See you next time,


9/11/12 11:46 AM

Another huge crash

Hello everyone,

I’m still in America, we fly out tomorrow after a really disappointing weekend in Indianapolis.

I went into the weekend confident and relaxed after a great summer break and although we had a few issues in FP2 on Friday, we were feeling confident for qualifying and a good finish in the race. However, that all took a nasty turn when I had a huge high side crash, ten minutes into the qualifying session. The Methodist Hospital staff at the circuit medical centre were great, as were their colleagues at the Hospital a few miles from the track. I knew I had done something severe, even though there were no breaks showing on the initial x-rays, I know my body and soon my biggest fear became a reality. We had an MRI and the specialist confirmed I had torn all the ligaments around my ankle as well as multiple bone chip fractures in the area.

We didn’t get much sleep on Saturday night and arrived at the circuit early on Sunday to see the medical team. They strapped my ankle and I went out for warm up. It was incredibly painful but I felt that with some more painkillers I could make it onto the grid. The doctors also confirmed that the movement used when riding the bike would not likely worsen the injury, unless I fell off again. The race was tough and the painkillers eventually wore off. At this point I had no more to give and I was just pleased to bring home some points and finish the race safely.

It’s typical that this would happen with back to back races, but that’s the way it goes. We will get to Brno and see what we can do. I have my specialist back in Australia checking the MRI scans and x-rays, so will decide on the treatment in the next few days.

It’s a sad end to a great trip to America, but I’m grateful for all the support of my team and the medical staff here in Indianapolis.

See you in Brno!


8/21/12 11:40 AM

Relaxed and recharged

Hello everyone!

After a hectic racing period of 4 races in 5 weeks, finally we got some real ‘down’ time. The race weekend in Laguna was once again a long, hard weekend, but we managed to take the win which was a fantastic way to go into the summer break.

It’s been great to spend some quality time – away from the track – with Adriana and Ally. We’ve stayed in the USA the whole period and had a fantastic time together. I really enjoy the Carmel Valley region and we’ve been hanging out with some close friends, Barbecuing and relaxing. Then we took a road trip to Oregon and the Klameth River with some other friends for some serious Salmon fishing!

All in all it’s been a great few weeks and I feel fresh and revitalised now heading to Indianapolis.

Let’s hope we can have another great weekend!

See you soon,


8/13/12 10:45 AM