Another huge crash

Hello everyone,

I’m still in America, we fly out tomorrow after a really disappointing weekend in Indianapolis.

I went into the weekend confident and relaxed after a great summer break and although we had a few issues in FP2 on Friday, we were feeling confident for qualifying and a good finish in the race. However, that all took a nasty turn when I had a huge high side crash, ten minutes into the qualifying session. The Methodist Hospital staff at the circuit medical centre were great, as were their colleagues at the Hospital a few miles from the track. I knew I had done something severe, even though there were no breaks showing on the initial x-rays, I know my body and soon my biggest fear became a reality. We had an MRI and the specialist confirmed I had torn all the ligaments around my ankle as well as multiple bone chip fractures in the area.

We didn’t get much sleep on Saturday night and arrived at the circuit early on Sunday to see the medical team. They strapped my ankle and I went out for warm up. It was incredibly painful but I felt that with some more painkillers I could make it onto the grid. The doctors also confirmed that the movement used when riding the bike would not likely worsen the injury, unless I fell off again. The race was tough and the painkillers eventually wore off. At this point I had no more to give and I was just pleased to bring home some points and finish the race safely.

It’s typical that this would happen with back to back races, but that’s the way it goes. We will get to Brno and see what we can do. I have my specialist back in Australia checking the MRI scans and x-rays, so will decide on the treatment in the next few days.

It’s a sad end to a great trip to America, but I’m grateful for all the support of my team and the medical staff here in Indianapolis.

See you in Brno!


8/21/12 11:40 AM


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