Casey Stoner Reveals The Pain He Suffered After Indianapolis Crash in 2012

EVERYTHING changed within a split second on the fourth lap of qualifying (at Indianapolis), when the rear stepped out on the exit of the left-hand turn 13 and launched me over the front of the bike at around 150km/h.

The first thing to touch the ground was the toe of my boot and the impact ripped my foot around . . . I looked down at my foot, which was facing sideways, and I remember thinking, “This isn’t good!”

Then, as I moved my weight on to my other leg, I felt a pop in my ankle and there was a loud crack. The pain was unreal, so bad that I honestly thought my tibia had come out through the side of my leg. But it was actually the sound of the joint going back into the socket.

I went for scans at a hospital in downtown Indianapolis, where the doctors told me that they’d never seen bone that badly bruised before without it being broken in half — it was so bad that there was bruising to the actual bone marrow. Baca lebih lanjut


1 He’s a country boy
Casey is a country kid who grew up in the Australian towns of Kurri Kurri in New South Wales and Southport in Queensland where as a young tacker he would tear around the paddocks on a Yamaha Pee Wee 50, riding solo for the first time at age three.

2 He rocked, even as a kid… 
He won his first race at age four when he was entered in the under-nine division at the Mike Hatcher Junior Motorcyle Club on the Gold Coast. By age six, he had won his first Australian title.

3…And blitzed the competition
Between the ages of six and 14, Casey won 41 Australian dirt and long track titles and over 70 State titles. At the Australian Long Track Titles in 1997, 12-year-old Casey competed in every possible category, won 32 out of 35 races, and walked away with all five Australian titles on offer — all in the one weekend.

4 He was a teenage dirt-bag, baby
With nothing left to win on the dirt-track circuit in Australia, Casey decided it was time to step up into the world of road racing. However, the legal age for road racing in Australia was set at 16. In a beautiful example of nurturing your kid’s talent, the Stoner family pulled up stumps and headed to the UK (where the legal age is 14) so Casey could continue to develop his skills and pile on the achievements. Baca lebih lanjut