Relaxed and recharged

Hello everyone!

After a hectic racing period of 4 races in 5 weeks, finally we got some real ‘down’ time. The race weekend in Laguna was once again a long, hard weekend, but we managed to take the win which was a fantastic way to go into the summer break.

It’s been great to spend some quality time – away from the track – with Adriana and Ally. We’ve stayed in the USA the whole period and had a fantastic time together. I really enjoy the Carmel Valley region and we’ve been hanging out with some close friends, Barbecuing and relaxing. Then we took a road trip to Oregon and the Klameth River with some other friends for some serious Salmon fishing!

All in all it’s been a great few weeks and I feel fresh and revitalised now heading to Indianapolis.

Let’s hope we can have another great weekend!

See you soon,


8/13/12 10:45 AM

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