Ready for a break before Laguna

Hi everyone, it’s been another difficult weekend for us in Mugello. We weren’t happy with our set up on the bike all weekend and then in the race, I thought I might be able to fight for a podium but I made a mistake and ran off and from that point our race was over. This is how it goes sometimes and now I’m looking forward to having a break before our next race in Laguna.

Today we’ve been on track testing the new engine and chassis from HRC. We definitely found some positives with the engine and it would be great to have that from Laguna, we’ll have to wait and see. For the chassis side, I didn’t feel much improvement and we’re going to have to keep working to reduce the chatter with the bike.

Tonight we will stay in Mugello and then tomorrow we head out to America so we can have some time there before the race on the 29th. I really enjoy going to California and catching up with some friends out there, these three race weekends back-to-back have been exhausting and hard for the whole team so I hope we can all take a breath and come back refreshed in a few weeks time.

See you next time!


7/17/12 12:25 PM


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