Ready to get home after win in Estoril

Hello from a very wet Estoril! There was a test planned for today, however, with this rain the test has now been cancelled so I’m on my way home!

It was another difficult weekend, mainly due to weather conditions that messed with our practice sessions, but in the end we turned it around and got a race win from it. The race was tough as I had Jorge and Dani pushing me the whole time and the chatter on the bike was pretty bad, which made my arm pump start to flare up. In the end I found a way to ride around the chatter and then with it reducing slightly, the arm pump did too. Solving the chatter is now our main concern, with that solved we will have a very competitive package and less worry about arm pump!

Last night I went out for some dinner with some friends in the local town of Cascais, such a pretty little town and it was nice to celebrate the race win with them all!

With the test being cancelled, I was able to get a flight out today to get home to Adriana and Ally. It will be great to get back to Switzerland and have a full week at home with them before leaving for Le Mans a week on Wednesday.

See you next time!


5/7/12 8:51 PM

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