Enjoying every special moment.

Hello again!

This week has been a pretty quiet week, just trying to spend as much time with Ally before the season starts and all the travelling.

I’ve also been getting used to ‘Tweeting’… Everyone knows I treasure my privacy, but I saw how some of my friends use Twitter and there is definitely a good use for it, especially with the hectic travel plan we all have, it’s a good way to track where everyone is and what they are up to! So it’s been nice to catch up with a few friends in America and Australia.

This week I’ve been training everyday with my fitness coach, we’ve been mountain biking around the area I live and also playing some tennis. I’m feeling good for Jerez and definitely looking forward to the first race in Qatar in under a month!

Now I’m heading out to play Tennis, see you next week.


3/12/12 12:35 PM


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