Battered, bruised but a crucial win in Assen

Hello everyone,

After an incredible weekend in Assen, for many reasons, we’re already on the move again to the next GP in Germany.
This is a really crazy time in the season, so to have such a big crash in Assen, the first of the three back to back races, was far from ideal. However, even thought my spirits were down, and I wasn’t riding particularly well, my crew never gave up on me.

We really didn’t expect to get pole and then when I woke up on Saturday morning, I wasn’t exactly moving too well, my body was in agony! A few painkillers, some anti inflammatory cream and a visit from my physio got me in the best shape possible under the circumstances. The race was brutal for my arms, as I was compensating for my other injuries, so to come away with a win was truly fantastic and I just want to thank all of my crew at Repsol Honda.

I’m sorry for Jorge, nobody wants to make up championship points in this manner. If he had made a mistake then that’s a different story, but to be taken out like that, I feel for him and I’m sure he’ll come back strong in Germany.
I need to rest my body now for a few days before climbing back on the bike in just four days!

Thanks for all your kind messages and see you next time.


7/2/12 3:57 PM

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