A weight off my shoulders

Hello everyone.

Well it was quite a weekend in the end. Last Sunday / Monday I finally decided that I don’t want to race in 2013 and decided to announce it on Thursday ahead of the race weekend. In Estoril, I hadn’t made up my mind either way and it was frustrating that the news came out in the media but I didn’t’ lie to anyone – I have been considering this for a very long time, but the truth is that I only finally decided in the days after Estoril.

I know the news has taken many by surprise, many people thought I wouldn’t do it, but I hope that everyone now understands how serious I am and that I’m simply not enjoying the sport anymore. I had numerous press calls over the weekend, all asking me why and how could I do it. There are many reasons, but it comes down to one thing, I’m just not enjoying my riding anymore.

I am sorry for those fans that feel let down, I really appreciate all your kind words on Twitter and in the media. I’d also like to thank my family and friends and all those who have supported us and helped us in my career. We still have 14 races of 2012 left and I will fight to win every one of them and leave MotoGP as Champion again, so please continue to support me in my last season!

The Le Mans race weekend was tough and I’m honestly pleased to have taken some points and another podium. Now we go to Barcelona, one of my favourite tracks and I really pray we can have some nice weather.

It was so nice to have Ally and Adriana at the race in France, to come back from the box and to see my little girl was something special. This week I’ll be training and preparing for the next race and finally relaxing a little now that I’ve made the big decision.

Thanks again and see you in Catalunya.


5/21/12 6:42 PM


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